Therapy With Tray - Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
I believe that therapy can be a valuable part of your overall well-being. I believe that everyone who desires to make positive changes in their lives should have access to services. Because of this, I am willing to work with you to find a fair rate if you are unable to afford my standard fee. My standard rates are commiserate with other therapists in the area and reflect the value of my education, training, and committment to helping you.
Free Initial Consultation
Since the basis of effective therapy is a trusting, empathic relationship between you and your therapist, I offer a free 15-min phone consultation to answer any questions you have about the therapeutic process, the types of therapy that I offer, and how I may help you. 
In addition, if you are interested in private, in-home therapy, and since in-home therapy is a uniquely private way to provide therapy, I am happy to offer a free, 30-min, in-person consultation so that you have a chance to meet me at my office before inviting me to your home. Use the "Contact Me" page to set up your phone or in-person consultation. 
Standard Therapy Sessions
My fee for standard therapy sessions (50min) is $120, payable at the start of each session. I accept cash, check, debit, or credit cards for payment.
Extended Sessions
My fee for extended sessions (90min) is $160. Extended sessions are offered on a limited, pre-arranged basis, and are often used for initial therapy sessions, mental health evaluations, or those sessions in which specialized therapy protocols are enaged.
In-Home Therapy Sessions
My fee for private in-home therapy sessions (50min) is $140, payable at the start of each session. Before starting in-home sessions, I request that we first meet in my office for a free 30-min consultation so you can have a chance to meet me before inviting me to your home. 
EMDR Therapy Sessions
EMDR sessions are generally considered extended sessions that involve a more structured, guided process. My fee for EMDR sessions (90min) is $160. 
I do not currently accept insurance, but you may have out-of-network coverage that can reimburse you for my fees. Please check with your insurance provider to determine if you have out-of-network mental health coverage. When you pay out-of-pocket, I will provide you with an invoice and the necessary documentation that you'll need to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.